Puck and rachel dating

01-Jan-2018 16:42

I would hope they would trust my talents to excel in every faction of my life, but you don’t have to brag.”Finn still looked a little confused, earning him a laugh and smack on the butt from Puck, when Blaine stepped into the middle of the group again. I just feel so-”Blaine’s speech continued, and Puck leaned into Finn, his breath on Finn’s ear making Finn shudder. We need to get outed more often.”He hooked a finger through Puck’s belt loops and tugged him a little closer.

“So…now that they all know…we could totally slip out together. We’re not…uncool or nothin’.”“It’s not that,” Finn promised out of the side of his mouth. “Motel on fifth has those towel-racks next to the tub, right?

Maybe he could get the pants down without even undoing them…he’d done it with girls before.“You have to tell everyone, though! He grabbed both their wrists, dragging them out of the closet. One step at a time to finding your true identity.”Brittany whispered something to Santana, sounding vaguely like “how does he poop? And besides,” she shifted in her seat, looking away from their eyes, “it’s kind of sexy, too.” don’t think threesomes are ‘morally repugnant’, boys.

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Mercedes looked from their hands, one primly manicured and one covered in ripped fishnets, up to Finn’s confused face. They’ve been, like, ‘couple of the month’ for over a week now.”“How do you think she got me to join Glee Club again? Shrugging, she added, “You’re missing out on some , Finn.” She smiled sweetly at Rachel, adding, “she’s talented in way more ways than anyone ever thought.”Rachel blushed, pushing her hair behind her ear, and muttered, “Really, that’s not appropriate for this audience, Quinn. Regardless of anything standing in our way; gender, size, or even supposed sexuality.

So I decided to break it down using both pictures and words. Episode 1x01 – Pilot (unaired version)We are first introduced to Quinn Fabray through her cyber-bullying of Rachel.

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